Monday, July 16, 2012

Purr-fect Kids' Books for Cat Lovers

Carolyn Crimi's Tabby D. Cat Makes Summer Reading Fun

By Special Guest Sylvia the Cool Book Cat

Sylvia heads for her local library branch
Now I'm a cool cat but I have a problem. So, I wrote Tabby D. Cat who has been helping the furry, the finned and the feathered for all nine of his lives:

Dear Tabby D. Cat,

I love to read. I read on my cat pad, I read in my tree top, I read whether or not I get a tea biscuit. In short, I'm hooked on books. But the cats I live with, sadly, do not like to read! Hair-raising! 
What's a kitty to do to help these ruffians discover the joys of reading, especially during the summer months when so many of them are out of school. There must be some great reads out there for cats and cat lovers, even though that actor Alec Baldwin is telling folks to read Walter the Farting Dog (yes, really, about a dog who lets gas). Please advise.

Sylvia the Cool Book Cat

Here's the letter I got back from Tabby:

Read the book! Available now at bookstores and libraries!Dear Sylvia,

It's simple. You lure those bad kitties with alluring books. Here are my picks:

PeteThe Cat: I Love My White Shoes by James Dean and Eric Litman
Ages 3 to 8. 40 pages

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
Ages 3 and up. 72 pages.

Binky The Space Cat by Ashley Spires
Ages 7 and up. 64 pages.

What Will Fat CatSit On? by Jan Thomas
Ages 4 and up. 40 pages.

WonTon: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku
by Lee Wardlaw, illustrated by Eugene Yelchin.
Ages 4 and up. 40 pages.

No Dogs Allowed! written by Linda Ashman; illus. by Kristin Sorra
Ages 3 and up. 32 pages.

P-awsome! I can't wait to read these books. 
But, first, I just have to share another thing Tabby advises: Don't let your kitties stop working on their writing skills just because the fish are jumping in that ol' summer watering hole. Keep them writing, writing, writing and they're really shine when school starts up again.

Tabby D. Cat’s Five Writing Tips:

Snacks always help fuel the muse

Dogs are a distraction and should be banned from all homes

A little catnip before a writing session never hurt anyone

Shredded manuscripts make excellent cat litter

When in doubt, eat a sardine

Thanks, Tabby!

Now I've got a few tips of my own about reading with your humans. Occasionally, I do it with the kids who live in my house just to make them think I enjoy their company. Here's what I suggest to get your kids (and other humans) reading:

Whenever they complain that they're bored, hand them a BOOK!

Get your kids their own library cards.

Go to your local library. Libraries usually feature children's summer reading programs. My kids love picking out their own books. Summer can be a great time for children to discover their own book adventures.

Start a home reading club. To begin, invite your kids to read the children's books you enjoy or ask them what their choices are. I'm inviting my kids to read What Will Fat Cat Sit On? The whole family can read the same book and discuss it together.

Create a reading space for your kids to curl up with a book. Make sure it's comfy and has good lighting and lots of books.

Here's more about children's writer Carolyn Crimi:
CarolynCarolyn Crimi enjoys snacking, Zumba, pugs, Halloween, and writing, although not necessarily in that order. She is quite proud of the fact that she was awarded the Prairie State Award in March for her body of work. She received her MFA from Vermont College in 2000 and has the diploma to prove it. Over the years she has published thirteen funny books for children, including Don’t Need Friends, Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies, Where’s My Mummy?, Rock ‘N’ Roll Mole, and Pugs in a Bug. She visits over 50 schools and libraries all over the country each year but she never tires of hearing kids laugh. Her proudest moment came from a second grader who declared her to be a “Very Silly Grown-up.” Her pug Emerson agrees. For more information about Carolyn, visit her website at

Got any favorite summer reads? Tabby D. Cat and I would love if you'd share them here. Got any tips on getting your kids to read? Post away! Curious cats want to know.

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